Presentations & Reports

Presenting information in a clean and highly legible style is the key. Anyone can over design a presentation, but the purpose is to allow people to find information quickly and easily.
Working Environments

From training rooms to showrooms, break-out areas to board rooms, we can help you to present the right corporate message. brickworks has a wealth of experience of crossing between 2 and 3D,
Environmental Communication

From EMS to your staff, CSR to your customers, we can help you to present the right message for your business. Having a sound environmental base is not just a dressing exercise, but also an inherent process within the business...
Integrated Web Strategy

If you are thinking about restructuring your website, think carefully about the people who use it and how you want them to interact with your site...
Corporate Literature

Some companies have opted for online PDF’s and other companies recognise the importance of tactile communication. Your corporate literature represents your business and who you are!
Brand Development & Strategy

Brand development doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. Protecting your investment is just as important as having the right icon, roundel or logotype.
Data Management

Buying or sourcing data within your business can be a major headache. We work with you to manage the process, to ensure that you speak to the people who matter...
Market Research

Maintaining customer loyalty is becoming more difficult with the world wide web. Predicting what your customers needs will be in the future, is the key to success...
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